6 Responses to NAV 2013 R2 | The Object Metadata table cannot be changed because it is locked by another user

  1. waldo says:

    Well, in earlier builds, you would be in for a treat .. . When the object metadata and the snapshot is out of sync .. it’s darn difficult to get it back into sync. Definitely when you want to preserve data…


  2. markbrummel says:

    Correct Waldo, but a friendlier message would be nice.


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  4. Jens Glathe says:

    You almost sound like me now 😉 One of my other favourites is when you copy from a blocked object (a report, for example),, do your changes, want to save it under a new name and it’s telling you “Locked by must by empty in somethingorother”… End result is you can cancel the new, unsaved object, unlock the source object, and try again.

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    • markbrummel says:

      Jens, a lot of people complained about this. Microsoft listened and changed the behaviour in NAV2015.

      Don’t know about your blocked object. I’ll test it and report it if true, it sounds annoying.



      • Hi Mark,

        Cumulative Update 9, during data upgrade step 2 I get the same error!

        I am trying to compile everything and run schema syncronization with no luck. What would you do in this case?


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