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NAV 2013 R2 | Debugger Watches

I totaly love the concept of pages. They are easier to merge and upgrade and they way they render is awesome. However, they come with a few drawbacks. Some of them we already had in the classic client with forms, some … Continue reading

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Design Patterns | 10 Video’s

At the moment of writing this, 10 Design Pattern video’s are published. I recently started working on 5 more. People at Microsoft have asked me what is the logical order of watching them. This is actually quite a hard question … Continue reading

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Dynamics NAV & GIT

In this post I introduced Visual Studio Online as a tool to do source control for Dynamics NAV. Another option is to use GIT. Visual Studio also conects to GIT and many developers love it. It looks a lot less … Continue reading

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Dynamics NAV in C# | Part 1 | The Differences

Ok, when you make a promise you have to keep it, so here is the first article around C# and Dynamics NAV. The story is around my own explorations around C#, Visual Studio and .Net. Before you start working on … Continue reading

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Dynamics NAV is moving to C#, get ready to follow!

Ok, maybe the title is not to nice, but hey, I got your attention. Since the introduction of the Three tier environment, Dynamics NAV runs on C#. In the first versions it was hidden and closed, but with the intoduction … Continue reading

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Dynamics NAV Events | Fall 2014

It is august 2014 which means that most people who go on vacation in the summer period are either just returning or maybe still enjoying their well deserved rest. At least I did for two weeks in Interlaken this year. … Continue reading

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