NAV 2015 | Automatic Variable Naming

Evey now and then I have to let off some steam like in my previous post: Repeatability, Hype or Reality?

That does not mean that overall, the product is just awesome.

One of the features in NAV2015 I absolutely love is the automatic naming of variables.

In the last two weeks I started working on a new project with NAV2015 and its just amazing to see how quickly you get used to this feature as today I am working with NAV2009R2 and I miss it already.

It’s just one of these small things like “Go To Definition” that makes life so much easier.

Just in case you wonder: “What is this guy talking about?”

What is it

If you create a variable that refers to an object type in NAV such as Record or Codeunit the name populates automatically using a set of rules.


The rules are quite simple, it removes all characters excelt alphanumeric and numeric characters.

Mini DataDictionairy

The feature basically allows a simple data dictionairy for variable naming. Its a small step towards a library of allowed names for objects, fields and variables.

Great job Microsoft!

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3 Responses to NAV 2015 | Automatic Variable Naming

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  2. thegunzo says:

    One thing with the “Go To Definition” would be nice – to be able to go back to where you came from !


  3. jbarrenas says:

    Reblogged this on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Blog and commented:
    Interesante artículo de Mark Brummel!


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