Dynamics NAV vNext : Corfu

Ok, writing about a new version before it is released with a current NDA is like walking on eggs. It can almost only go wrong.

But, I am so exited about the upcomming release that I have to let that know to our community.

The reason for my exitement is the roadmap, presented by Microsoft on the events of fall last year. If you look at that roadmap you see a lot of functional areas. This is the first time in almost a decade that the list of new functional features is as long as it is for this release.

Let’s have a look at that roadmap.


This screenshot is taken from the video of the NAVTechDays keynotes, but the other events showed similar announcements. I highly recommend watching the entire video.

The roadmap shows Workflow, OCR & Document Mgt and e-services integration.

There is another functional enhancement and I am 100% sure it was mentioned during an event, but I cannot find proof online so I won’t mention it here.

The future of NAV is looking bright. Adding functionality is so important for everyone.

6 thoughts on “Dynamics NAV vNext : Corfu

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  4. Dave Machanick

    Hi Mark,
    Did MS buy the OCR from an existing partner product or did they make their own?
    I am hoping they used the one I know from Denmark – Document Capture.


  5. amitwason

    Thanks Mark…let’s hope they keep the functionality focus, the UX is great now and looking forward to watch this space unfold! I second Dave’s comment on that OCR being bought.



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