Dynamics Experience (NL) Recap & Book Presentation

Last thursday the Dynamics Experience was organised in Hilversum, The Netherlands. The yearly user event for users of the Dynamics suite products.

It was a great event with 250 attendees, not counting the sponsors. Very nice location that was easy to reach for me by train.

I have to honestly admit that I skipped the keynotes to do some last minute preparations for my sessions and… the presentation of my new book: Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns.

Session 1 – HELP! My Dynamics NAV is slow!

Funny title and yes, this session was about performance. Even though this is no longer my core business it is a subject very close to me and I encounter performance issues every week. This session was a round table where users could ask anything. We had great discussions about maintenance plans, how SQL Server chooses indexes and what to do to prevent users from killing the system by wrongly use of it. There were people with many different versions of the product, even one on the native database and one user who had AX and CRM.

Session 2 – Get Connected

This session was about connecting NAV to anything. EDI, Webservices, Text and CSV files and what have you. What I noticed most was that many people are still not connected as much as I expected. Also there seem to be many issues with missing EDI standards which leads to a lot of mapping work for users.

Session 3 – New NAV Exams & Certification

We had a session with learning centers from The Netherlands and Belgium about if we want to bring the new certification to Benelux/Europe and if yes, how. We solved the first question. That is a yes. The second challenge is to be discussed. More news soon.

Book Presentation

During the General Dynamics NAV session by Microsoft my new book was officially presented. John Speulman did the honors and Arend Jan Kauffmann was kind enough to take pickures.

Book Presentation

Event Closing

During the closing of the event, with a beer, I had a nice flashback as I was approached by a user whom I had helped 12 years ago on Mibuso. He still remembered that he had brought a cake to my house to thank me. Another one of these things that makes the Dynamics NAV community so great.

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