Service Password – User Access

Today I was working with my fellow MVP Arend Jan Kauffmann to install his Office 365 integration he showed in our session at NAVTechDays at one of my customers.

This customer has their own application builder license and to our surprise we got this error message.

Service Passowrd

It seems that an end user license needs explicit object permissions to read the Service Password table.

This is super anoying for users who pay a lot of money to Microsoft to do their own development.

It more or less makes sense for the G/L Entry and Sales Invoice Header table but not for this one.

“You do not have permission to read the Service Password table.”

So be aware of this and Microsoft, please fix this.

3 thoughts on “Service Password – User Access

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  2. Gunnar Gestsson

    Hi Mark.
    This is by design.
    You just need to add a permission property to your setup table. Look at the properties in the OCR Service Setup table. The permission for the Service Password table is indirect for all customers.

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