NAV 2017 Extensions | The Debate Ends, I guess ;-)

Before you read this, go grab a coffee and read James Crowters’ blog first and then we start by repeating his conclusions. Conclusions which I agree on.

  • Extensions are not perfect but they have significant potential
  • Over time they will affect almost every NAV implementation
  • The adaption with be slow at first but will rapidly increase over next three years
  • If you don’t start changing mind set now you might be too late
  • There is a significant opportunity for the brave & adventurous

First of all, I would like to thank James for calling me adventurous and being brave. James and I are both working with Extensions for Dynamics 365 for Financials in the organizations we work for.

Second of all, you might wonder why we are doing this online? Why don’t we find a pub and do this over beer? Actually this is what we did, last week on James’ birthday in Wolverhampton where he was kind enough to lend me a training room for the masterclass. We discussed NAV2017 and Extensions over more than a few pints. I guess we just want to share you on the result.

I also want to apologize for maybe being a more negative than I should have been on my blog, but I wanted to make the statement I made and get our ecosystem thinking. It’s easy enough to follow the marketing drum and sometimes hard to be heard. Guess that (being heard) worked given the reactions I got. A little too good I think.

I don’t agree 100% on all James’ arguments although I share his conclusions. My opinion was emphasized when I got an email from a colleague last week who found an issue in a beta build that would potentially break a lot of simple extensions in AppSource. This is reported to Microsoft and I am sure this will be fixed before RTM. This is why we do this beta program anyway.

The biggest challenge that I think we are facing is the fact that we have an absolutely brilliant idea for repeatability in the cloud which we are trying to execute on 30-year-old application code.

I agree with James that the new designer tools that Microsoft will show as a preview at Directions and NAVTechDays will probably solve the open source issues. I was unsure to bring that up when I was writing my previous articles. It will for sure be an issue on NAV2017 because we will still have the classic client as Development Environment.

So, let’s end the debate and build some extensions! I am writing this blog on the plane back from Iceland where I was assisting an NAV partner in their brave and courageous AppSource adventure. Our biggest challenge was how to implement simplicity. We found workarounds for all technical restrictions given by the extensions platform and reported a few issues to Microsoft.

When I find the time I will blog more about Simplicity, how hard it actually is and why I spend so much time on it in my classes. But in the next couple of weeks I first have to finish a book on NAV2017.

With Dynamics 365 for Financials, Extensions are the only way to modify the behavior. With NAV 2017 you can still do raw source code modifications. So I guess we can also say:

The answer will be extensions in a few releases from now, so what was the question? And get the f*ck ready for it when it hits you!

Thanks to Gunnar Gestsson for organizing my class again in your fabulous country and being my host.

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6 Responses to NAV 2017 Extensions | The Debate Ends, I guess ;-)

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  5. Chew Kim Poh says:

    I am experimenting with NAV 2017 Extension. I do not know whether there is an official channel to report issues. I shall try it with you and see whether you can help or point to the right direction.

    I created a custom role centre page. This custom page is included in an extension and installed in target NAV instance. However, in the target NAV instance, when I try to define the profile for this custom role centre page, it shows the standard 9xxx pages only. I entered the custom page ID to the custom profile – there is no error and can be saved. However, when I login to the custom role, there is an error message – A server error has occurred, and the content cannot be displayed.


  6. Chew Kim Poh says:

    Hi Mark,

    Please ignore the previous post. The issue is resolved with re-mounting the tenant. Still do not know why or what caused it.


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