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Social media is fantastic and it can be used in many different ways. Where most people are mostly consumers others use it to ask questions. Some share knowledge and experience and gain loyal followers. This is pure awesomeness and mostly rewarded with the Microsoft MVP award for those who don’t give up.

Drive Change

Very few succeed in using social media to drive change. Those who do are known by many such as Elon Musk and Greta Thunberg.

13 thoughts on “Breaking up BaseApp | Business Central

  1. jeppebylov

    Hi Mark,

    This sounds super interesting. I think there’s so much potential in this than we’ve actually ever thought of.
    Think about the implications of having a small BaseApp and then just shopping whatever extensions you need in the marketplace.
    So many customers have experienced frustration with way too many actions, menus, fields, etc.
    A small BaseApp could potentially make the product much more attractive for small businesses, that might specialize in one specific module.

    Have you thought of what it would take to extract the Jobs module out of the BaseApp?
    Would love to be a part of this.

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    1. Mark Brummel Post author

      Job module is too complicated while the base app is as big as today. Once base app is smaller this is next. However if you want to give it a try it would be interesting. Send me your email and we’ll discuss further.


  2. Hans H. Fiddelke

    I would by interested too.

    The first thing i would do, is doing a ruthless cleanup of the base- app.
    There are so many functionalities, which are three or more times in the solution, everyone with another bug.
    I think this would reduce the base app by 10% or more.

    Then i would change to a more usefull (object)- model that reduces this “functionality” above, by putting the function where it is used (Like SalesHeader.Post(Ship,Invoice,”Posting Date”,”Document Date”), which may call CU80 in background, but the entry point should be in SalesHeader).
    This would also allow an easier extendability, because we do not need a seprate event for every function that implements the same functionality.
    After this is done, my next step would be creating a more layered model (similar to the OSI-Model). (the system app is a start of this)

    But first of all we need a TESTED solution that allows concurrent apps accessing/extending the same global data, like extending SalesLine.Type or changing OnValidates, OnLookups which is required from some addons and their business cases.
    And if there is not a solution for that, the whole project is dead, because in my opinion, we haven’t seen the heavy addons here. So we did not see the real problems.


      1. Hans H. Fiddelke

        That Fixed assets is almost finished sounds great.
        Can you explain how the “Fixed Assets” are removed from the various lookups in Sales Line, Gen. Jnl. Line, or how it is integrated as extension in all the (Test)-reports whithout any code change?

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