Working on Design Patterns for Business Central

A Modern World

Things have changed a lot in the last few years and Microsoft moved from MSDN to Docs who are open source and maintained on GitHub in markup language.

Within Microsoft there is a standardised way of documenting best practices with code examples, also maintained on GitHub that must me working examples people can clone and compile.

Five years ago all of this did not exist and even if it would, C/Side would not integrate anyway.

Thinks have changed for sure.

Perfectly Mixed Priorities

When talking to Business Central leadership there is a need to publish modern patterns about extensibility. This is is awesome but my personal ambition has always been to keep the old patterns alive.

We agreed that this would be a perfect mix since MSFT can take the lead on the modern stuff and the community will update the old patterns if they still make sense.


Step one will be to publish half a handfull of examples to inspire people. I will take on this task and work with Microsoft on finetuning the process

Call on the Community

The first patterns project was driven by transparency and community. I hope to be able to call again on you folks, my readers. If we get 5 to 10 volunteers to update some of the old patterns to Markup Language and AL/GitHub we should have them up to date in notime.

So please maintain some patience while we execute on some of the first steps, the plumbing. This always take longer than you expect but it will be there eventually.

Thanks, and goodbye from CPH airport.

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