The Blog, The Books, The Workshops. In one place.

This blog contains 10 years of information about Dynamics NAV . The articles are all categorised, which makes it easier for you to find the information you need.

NAV Skills focusses 100% on Microsoft Dynamics NAV product quality from a software architecture perspective.

We provide training, coaching, books, certification and a blog with hundreds of articles about Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Starting from 2015 we provide the Master Class for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Architecture and Design Patterns. This workshop is based on the latest architectural principles and (clean) coding best practices allowing you to write applications that are easy to maintain and upgrade outside of the ecosystem of their creators.

NAV Skills also promotes other independent classes hosted by specialists.


In fall of 2015 the book Learning Dynamics NAV Patterns will is published. A tutorial that will teach you step by step how to use commonly used solutions for design challenges in NAV. The foreword is written by Thomas Hejlsberg, Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft for Dynamics NAV.

Learning Dynamics NAV PatternsWe have a close relationship with Microsoft in Denmark and a strong link to the Dynamics NAV Communities authoring books and articles as well as delivering presentations and hosting events.

Mark Brummal also wrote the NAV 2009 and 2013 Application Design books. A unique insight in how the functional modules of the product are architected and how to use the architectural elements (Design Patterns) for your own application.



19 Responses to The Blog, The Books, The Workshops. In one place.

  1. Vinoth Kumar.J says:

    Kindly let me know how to handle multiple companies in NAV 2013 R2?
    I have two companies in NAVDemo Database.
    I want to import data into the second company in the database using XML port.
    But i could not able to select the second company in the database while using development environment in NAV 2013 R2.


  2. Kevin O'Garro says:

    Hi Mark,
    I just checked for your new book, but they only have the eBook version. I’m sure I saw you holding a paperback yesterday evening, can you tell me in which (web-)shop I can order it?



  3. Dave Machanick says:

    Hi Mark – your book has some download examples, but no place to download them. Can you post them on your web site please?
    I like your book – it does a great job of covering NAV functionality.


  4. Camaros says:

    Hello Mark – I have the same issue, i got the book yesterday but no place to download the fobs.


  5. Sigurd Girigorie says:

    Hi Mark,

    Is it possible to show which table/page/report are combined? E.g. in MS Access you can create a relationship overview, I kinda miss that in Navision 2013 R2


  6. Josep Pages says:

    Mark, I’m reading your new book… Congrats!
    I have a little question, in page 167 the link to youtube isn’t correct and shows a error.
    Could you say the correct link please?


  7. Robson Gowero says:

    Thanks Mark. I have downloaded the files from your one drive but i did not see the two DLL files and the gif files. They are not there


  8. davmac1 says:

    one of the handicaps in the new extensions pattern is how they treat tables. Have they considered adding extension tables that can be used as part of the primary table on a page, reports, etc.?
    They will need better priced licensing for add-on tables, but the benefits in upgrades will make it worthwhile for Microsoft.


  9. Your application design 2013 is a great book.When are you releasing NAV 2016 book.

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