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All roads lead to Sweden with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

I’m a poor judge of character. That is… according to my wife. She is probably right. If you psyco analyse me, I am too eager to please people. Like a labrador. Advertisements

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ShowMyCode – Politics & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Before I continue where I left of with the previous post (I’ve prepared all the parts) I like to say a few words.

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Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central the Navision Road to the Future?

Yes! The short answer is yes and if you don’t care about details you can close the browser window or delete the email. I’ll elaborate on the Yes, but there is also a “Yes, but not if…” that I will … Continue reading

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Managing Extensions in Microsoft Business Central

Two days after the news about the new product name for NAV (Navision) has leaked I am already getting used to it and actually starting to like it. I just hope the poor Marketing boy or girl who was responsible … Continue reading

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Refactoring with ForNAV – Standard Reports with Clean Code

Having a big mouth is easy. Everyone can go on social media and tell whats wrong in the world. But did you actually try to change it? Or are you just talking about it? Dynamics NAV is full of legacy … Continue reading

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NAV2018 – Upgrade Issue with Sync-NAVTenant

Ok, so today I had another issue in my NAV 2018 upgrade that made my blood pressure go up. I kept getting a weird error in the Sync-NAVTenant PowerShell command. I was afraid that this would be a showstopper and … Continue reading

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Step 4 – Convert C/AL to AL with Visual Studio Code

The ForNAV standard reports are in public preview. We have just released CTP2 and now we want to start testing them with Visual Studio Code. In order to do that we have to convert them to AL objects. Microsoft is … Continue reading

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Tip #58 | Run Extension Objects

One of the quirks of working with extensions is that you cannot run an object from the object designer. This is true for V1 and V2. With V2 you can start an object (page) after deploy but this only works … Continue reading

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Step 3 – Wizards | ForNAV App Building

Wizard pages are working on a revival from being almost forgotten. They were first introduced as form objects in Navision 3.0 as part of CRM. I instantly fell in love and started to create them for my own add-on. Wizard … Continue reading

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Step 2 – Notifications | ForNAV App Building

I’m building an App to work with ForNAV. If you haven’t you should read earlier posts first or watch the YouTube channel. New Blog Series | Building the ForNAV App Step 1 – Renumbering | ForNAV App Building Notifications The next step … Continue reading

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