The Impact of “Patterns & Clean Code” on your organization

In March of this year I organized the first Master Class for NAV Architecture and Patterns in Toronto. With the help of friends and the community I repeated this over a dozen times across the globe.


As anyone I am interested in feedback. Therefore I always use evaluation forms and make the workshop interactive. The content of the workshop is a combination of a lot of things. One of the core elements of the training is explaining to the attendees which parts of NAV are well designed and where improvements can be made. It is not an official training supported by Microsoft.

With 180 attendees who are mostly programmers and architects I figured a lot of them would show up at NAVTechDays, therefor I decided to host a reunion for all attendees who were there.


All of these people attended the workshop before Events and Extensions were added in NAV2016. Off course, being aware of the development I tried to prepare them without breaking my NDA.

During the reunion we talked about the impact of Events and Extensions on the NAV2016 products, but I started by asking them, what the impact of my training was on their organization.


With this I took a risk of hearing it was garbage, but I figured those would not show up in the first place.

The feedback was better than I had hoped. After my training many partners had re-evaluated their internal guidelines. Other feedback was:

“The colleagues who did not attend the workshop are envy at their co-workers, we have to schedule more workshops”

“My code is now cleaner and easier to read. (Which was confirmed by his colleague)”

“Before I start coding I think which pattern to use and how to structure my code”

“Having all the methods on the table is making life so much easier”

 “Upgrading is now so much easier. If there is a conflict I only have to change the place of my hook”

“I always used the patterns, but never knew they were called patterns”

The last comment was the most recognizable for me. My first book in 2010 was all about patterns without using the name.

This feedback motivates me to do this again next year. I will soon publish the schedule for next year. I’ve also had half a dozen of requests for in-house training at NAVTechDays that will hopefully materialize.


Together with three other MVPs I will host a series of webinars around events and extensions. The first one is in December and will be announced next week in my new newsletter. Please subscribe.

NAV Skills

One think I realized after the first couple of workshops is that it would be good to brand the workshop. Branding works, I realize that after being part of SQL Perform and Partner Ready Software. People like logos.

I was amazed that was still available. I got the idea after starting to work with SkillsHouse in Denmark, and I always admired the people from SQL Skills. So NAV Skills was born.

The idea is to brand masterclasses together that are independent of Microsoft. There are quite a few of them if you look around. Currently there are four masterclasses on the website. SQL Tuning, RDLC Reporting, Team Foundation Server and my class. There will be quite a few added in the next few months. They are all hosted by respected domain experts, often, but definitely not limited to MVPs.

So keep an eye out for my blog, newsletter or twitterfeed.

With NAV2016, events and extensions, clean code is more important than ever.