Inside NAV 2017 | Improvement comes with a price

You can’t have everything. Wise men have said this many centuries ago. There is no such thing as absolutely perfect.

NAV2017 is a fantastic release and blogpost after blogpost after blogpost you can read everyone is happy and agrees on this.

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Prepare for NAVTechDays 2016 | Are we hitting 1000?

The last and definitely one of the coolest NAV events of the year is only a few weeks away. NAV TechDays.

On November 17th the doors will open and boy am I looking forward to the keynotes. The penalty I had to pay for not attending Directions is having to miss any preview of the Visual Studio Code project. Fortunately Arend Jan Kauffmann is only one phone call away and his blog makes you feel you were in the session sitting next to him.

Will we hit 1000?

The million dollar question is if we will hit 1000 attendees this year. As Luc is one of the most transparent guys I know he is not shy of sharing details. On the Attendee page you can see we are getting close to 900.

Pre Conference Classes

For those of you who are attending the preconference classes the event starts one or two days earlier. There are still few seats available on these classes:

  • RDLC Advanced Reporting in NAV (Only Tuesday)
  • An introduction to the psychology of organizational performance (Tuesday)
  • Extending the Data Exchange Framework (Only Tuesday)
  • An introduction to Scrum (Wednesday)

See you there!

I’m looking forward to seeing you there. NAV-Skills is a sponsor and you can find Luc, me and our Dynamics App Alliance colleagues.


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Reporting from NAVUG Summit 2016 in Pictures

NAVUG Summit is the highlight of my Navision year and NAVUG is one of the best things that happened to me in my professional life.

I’d like to give you an impression of the event by showing some pictures that hopefully tell the story better than words so you’ll attend next year.

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European Introduction of Dynamics 365 | ForNAV

Join me on November 9 for the introduction of Dynamics 365 in Europe.

Dynamics 365 for Financials (aka Project Madeira) is going to revolutionise ERP for the SMB market.

The launch will take place November 9th during the Dynamics Experience in Bussum, close to Schiphol Airport.

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This Extensions Stuff, is it version 0.1, 0.9 or 1.0?

Unless you have been living under a rock it is impossible to have missed the discussions about Extensions, or should I say fights. When I was walking my kids to school this morning my neighbour asked what the argument I had on LinkedIn with Marko was all about.

As MVPs we have to get used to a new reality. Blogging is no longer something that nerds do to share their personal opinion. Blogging is part of a marketeers day job and people get paid for what nerds like me do for free. I like it because writing allows me to clear my mind. Continue reading

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Performance Issue with Workflow + Solution

When I upgraded with one of my customers to NAV 2016 workflow was one of the new features I was looking forward to working with. You can imagine how disappointed I was when I found out that there was a huge performance issue with conditional workflows.

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NAVUG Summit 2016 | Where to find me

Directions US (Sorry, Soren NA) is a wrap and for what I can follow via Twitter it was a great show, even if you don’t like all the messaging (like me) Microsoft did a great job in NAV 2017 and Dynamics 365 looks very promising.

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NAVUG Summit 2016 | Who Is NAV-Girl

If one thing is true about working in IT, it is the wrong balance between the sexes. If I look at all the classes I’ve been teaching in the last two years I had classes with up to 20 guys, no girls.

So what do you do in an ecosystem like that to draw attention on Social Media? For Dynamics NAV we have NAV Girl on Twitter. Continue reading

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My Directions USA Schedule | If I were going…

For me, not being at Directions USA is like missing my daughters birthday. It’s awfull. But since my youngest daughter actually will turn 8 next Monday I had to choose which, yes you can guess, was an easy choice.

The fact that I won’t be there does not mean it’s not on the top of my mind and I actually made a schedule that I would use if I would have been there. So here we go. These would be my highlights:

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Grab Your Power License | Create Table 1

Small changes that makes a big difference seems to be the slogan for NAV2017.

One of these small changes that have been asked for a long time is to make it easier for partners to upgrade their customers by allowing us to add/remove fields and objects within the Microsoft number ranges which are 1..49999.

This has been a restriction for three decades.

Great News!!!

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