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NAV 2013 R2 | The Incident with removing FBK features is under investigation by the stewards

Since NAV 2013 R2 was released there has been a lot to do about removing the backup feature (fbk) from the classic client. Especially the part that allowed people to backup and restore a specific company.

Honestly I cannot recall when I last used this feature other than copying a company within a database. I would be curious to hear real business cases for this feature, especially end-user cases.

But I have some good news.

Just like an indicent in Formula 1, this incident is under investigation. Maybe it will be back.

Last Monday there was a MVP call with Microsoft about issues in NAV 2013 R2 and the feedback about this issue is that they realize that they’ve broken functionality that causes something that could be done before not to be possible anymore.

They are currently looking at if and how a similar feature could be reintroduced. We will be hearing from Microsoft within few weeks.

I’ll keep you updated via my (new) blog!