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Tip #43 | Search

Every now and then it happens. I get the feeling I am the only one not knowing a trick. Off course I realise that is not the case so I share what I learn.

MenuSuite and Search

As you might know or should know, the MenuSuite object is used for the search in Dynamics NAV.


This is the reason why you see almost a dozen instances of Navigate when you search it. It has been defined in the MenuSuite at as many places as that.

Search Criteria

So far nothing new for me. However I was watching How Do I videos this weekend from Claus Londstrom and Alexander Totovic when I noticed them typing in this:


If you type in “rep sel sal” it will search for words containing these words. This was the thing I did not know and wanted to share.


Tip #26 – Grouping in the HomeItems

Ever noticed the grouping in your homeitems?

I did, and today I decided to find out.

If you go to your Activities page of your role center (in my case the Purchase Agent Activities) you see the cues that are defined. Most cues are flowfields in the source. To open the correct page on clicking they have a DrillDownFormID.

This is where the grouping starts. Please notice the page.

Now let’s go to the Role Center. Mine is 9007, Purchasing Agent Role Center.

This page has a lot of Actions devided into different groups, together creating the user experience. One of these groups is the HomeItems creating the menu items we are looking for.

The first Action of the HomeItems is the Purchase Orders. Let’s look at the properties…

And notice the same page as in the Activities. This is what Dynamics NAV is using for the grouping. See what happens if I remove it?

The grouping is completely gone!